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Welcome to Lake Kabetogama.org, a place to share information on the Lake Kabetogama area.
Lake Kabetogama is one of four vast, interconnected lakes in Voyageurs National Park. Lake Kabetogama, Rainy Lake, Namakan Lake, and Sand Point Lake are part of the 14,900-square-mile Rainy Lake basin. Lake Kabetogama is about 25000 acres in size with about 200 islands and has a maximum depth of about 90 feet.

Lake Kabetogama has hundreds of island campsites Read more »

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Kabetogama Woman Hurt in Snowmobile Crash

A Lake Kabetogama woman was seriously injured when her snowmobile struck a tree in northern St. Louis County on Monday.

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office said Vivian Kec, 57, was one of eight people operating snowmobiles on the Arrowhead Snowmobile Trail about 10 miles north of Cook just after noon when she failed to negotiate a curve and the snowmobile hit a tree.

Kec was taken to Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center in Duluth by a Life Link III helicopter and was listed in serious condition on Monday evening. She was wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, and alcohol was not a factor, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The St. Louis County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Cook Fire and Ambulance and Virginia Ambulance also responded to the accident.

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Voyageur Country ATV


Bruce Beste bruce@cabinsoncrane.com

We started a new ATV club – Voyageur Country ATV – in late April.  We had 66 people at an organizational meeting on April 25 where all 66 joined the new club.  We have had tremendous support and interest from the local ATV community.  To date we have over 500 adult members.  We are in the process to add approximately 60 children of family memberships to our member count.  Children between 12 and 16 who have ATV Safety Certificates will become family members (we also want to know children of members between 12 and 16 who are interested in a safety course because our club will sponsor classes).

Our membership includes folks from Orr, Leiding Township, Camp 5 Township, Crane Lake, Portage Township, Beatty Township, and Cook (plus other places).   Our mission is foremost to create an ATV trails system in Voyageur Country and promoting local business and commerce.  Then (secondly) to promote responsible riding on the system, and instruction for youth.

While there are many miles of ATV trails in the forests between Cook, Lake Vermillion, Crane Lake, Elephant Lake, Myrtle Lake,  Pelican Lake, and Orr, there is not a connecting system of roads open to ATV use.  Thereby, making it difficult to go from one trail to the other without trailering or loading machines onto trucks and trailers.  This method also creates a situation of several trucks and trailers parked along the forested roads.

Our club has met with The US Forest Service regards to the Forest Roads 491 and 203 between Crane Lake and Elephant Lake.  We have met with St Louis County regards to County Roads 23, 24, and 422 between Lake Vermillion, Cook, and Crane Lake.  And regards to County Road 180 between Cusson and Elephant Lake.  These roads could be the backbone of a larger trails system in Voyageur Country.  We have also met with the MN DNR regards to the Managed trails at County Road 422 and the Gold Mine Resort Road, and the Holm Logging roads near Lake Vermillion and Elbow Lake, and we have met with Molpus Companies regards to property and ATV access between Black Duck Lake and the Sheep Ranch Road north of Cusson.  In early October, some of these roads opened for ATV use as a pilot for a new permitting ordinance for St Louis County.

Local government-wise, our club has met with Portage, Leiding, Camp 5,  Beatty, and Crane Lake Townships and received support from them for our trails proposal to the US Forest Service and to St Louis County.  We have met with City of Cook and City of Orr and they too have written letters of support.   We are currently working on an Ordinance review of Two Harbors, Hermantown, Chisholm, and Eveleth regarding ATV use and will present to both Cook and Orr.

I have attached a couple letters to our local government representatives that I sent out late winter as we were beginning to organize.  And 2 letters of support (from Crane Lake Visitor Bureau and one from Township of Crane Lake).  We have other support letters from other townships that I did not include.


Our club officers are:

President – Brad Sokolowski

VP – Mike Koski

Treasurer – Gretchen Janssen

Secretary – Melissa Rabas

Trail Administrator – Steve Koch

Board Members – Tom Tacik, Bruce Beste

At this time, I believe this evening’s presentation will be done by Steve Koch and me.  We will bring along maps of the proposed trails system.

Thank you.  Bruce.

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Hillary For Prison……….


Hillary Clinton for prison

The evidence implicating Hillary Clinton for her shameful role in the 9/11/2012 Benghazi terror attack that claimed four Americans' lives – and her equally disturbing cover-up – is already massive and clear:

    • By failing to personally ensure that Ambassador Chris Stevens' urgent requests for additional security in Benghazi were approved, Hillary Clinton appears to have plainly violated U.S. Code Title 22 Chapter 58 Subchapter IV § 4865.


    • By failing to properly secure classified documents – and failing to return all records to the U.S. Government upon cessation of her duties as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton violated both her oath of office and several federal laws.


    • By using a personal email address – an @clintonemail.​com address, no less – Hillary Clinton appears to have willfully concealed government documents, a felony punishable by three years in prison and permanent disqualification from holding public office.


  • By using an email address that creates the false impression that the emailer is using a government server when she is not, Hillary Clinton committed yet another felony.

The former Secretary of State and would-be President's culpability couldn't be more clearly established– how much more evidence is necessary? CLICK HERE TO SIGN!


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Build Your Own Cabin or Deer Shack………..

“Would You Like Bunkhouse Plans to Build a Bunk House or Small Cabin?”


Download the plans immediately for around $1 per plan with this special offer.


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Voyageurs National Park Winter Ice and Trail Conditions Report

March 3

In response to a recent lone wolf sighting in the Ash River area, Voyageurs National Park staff have rerouted sections of the park’s snowmobile trails.

The wolf appears to be alone with no pack and has followed three snowmobilers. In order to ensure visitor safety, park staff are taking precautions by monitoring the wolf and re-routing small sections of the park’s Green and Yellow Trails. Read more »

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DNR Lake Kabetogama Info

Status of the Fishery (as of 06/12/2010)

Spring came early in 2010 and while it was not a particularly warm summer it did provide an extended growing season and an early start for many of Lake Kabetogama's fish species. Record early ice outs in the area and only one cold snap during the month of May allowed Kabetogama's black crappie and smallmouth bass to spawn successfully. Low water levels in early spring deprived northern pike and
perhaps perch of the vegetation preferred for spawning which may have delayed or reduced the success of those species spawning efforts. Strong year-classes of walleye are not occurring as frequently as they once were. While at this time we are unsure of the cause, high juvenile mortality appears to be affecting walleye recruitment and therefore production of strong year-classes.
This high juvenile mortality has dropped considerably in the last two years, but the effects of that decrease may take several years to become apparent in the walleye community of Lake  Kabetogama. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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Kabetogama Fishing Report

Click Here For The Latest Fishing Report.......

5/20/2012- We got out between storms yesterday and had a great bite in 7-10' of water at Bittersweet Island.  The wind was blowing hard and at times it was a downpour but the fish were biting best when the weather was at it's worse.  I'm glad we stayed out.  Chubs and a jig are by far the best bait right now.  We tried leech's but had nothing with them.  Ram Island has been good when the wind isn't blowing 20 MPH.  I talked to some guys who have been fishing Harris Island in 30-32' and getting fish, lots of keepers deep and big fish shallower.

5/1/2012  Fishing opener is is 12 days and the lake levels are higher than I can remember in years for this time of the year.  Fishing should be awesome on opening weekend.  Some spots to try would be Tom Cod Bay where the walleyes move into to feed on spawning shiners, the flats between Cemetery Island and Three Sisters and Etling Island area.  For someone without a boat, walleyes can be caught from the point at Woodenfrog Campground using a slip bobber and minnow.

6-30-11  Center Reef has been hot the last couple of days.  We picked up limits of keepers along with lots of big fish on Lindy rigs and leeches.   28-30 feet were the best depths.

June 23- The rain and wind finally went away and fishing was great.  2 of us picked up 7 walleye, all 15-16" using leeches and a Lindy Rig in 25' of water.  Harris Island and the NE side of Sugarbush were the spots.  We threw back about 15 that were to big, with the largest being 24".  1 of the group fished after dark in Eks Bay and hammered the crappies.  White jig and a minnow fished under a bobber about 2' did the job.  Friday looks like another beautiful day to be on the water.


June 20- Walleye bite was great using leeches and crawlers.  Channel marker 38 area in 20', west side of Rottenwood, Etling Island and the area around Bluefin Bay were all great.  Crappies have started to bite near shore on Bittersweet Island in the evening and in Ek Bay at night using white Uncle Buck Crappie Killers with a small minnow.  Lots of bear activity in the last week.  We've been seeing them everywhere, particularly on Sugarbush and Martin Islands.

June 15- What a difference a day makes. Wednesday, June 15 it was like someone flipped a switch, you couldn't keep the walleyes off your line. They were biting on everything, minnows, leeches and crawlers all caught fish. 18-20' seemed to be the best depth, but I heard of some people getting them as shallow as 6'. Three Sisters, Bittersweet and Cemetery were all great spots. I sure hope this keeps up for awhile.

June 14-Walleye fishing has been terrible all week. None of the usual spots are doing anything. One guide fished all morning on Kab with about 5-6 fish total caught, then headed to Rainy by way of Kettle Falls portage and caught nothing, not 1 fish! Listening to the scanner it sounds as though everyone is experiencing the same thing. I'm headed up to Lost Bay this morning to see if there is anything happening up that way.


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Fall Crappie On Lake Kabetogama

As summer comes to an end, the thought of cooler temperatures and crisp mornings start occurring in the minds of most anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. This is the time of year when most people start cleaning their guns and get ready for the opening day of deer archery, small game and duck season. What most people do not realize is this is the time to score BIG on fall crappie.
Fall crappie fishing can be some of the most exciting and predictable fishing there is! As the water temperatures start to drop, crappie start feeding in preparation for winter. They start gorging themselves minnows. What is so unique about this behavior is the fish prefer areas that have easy access to deep water but yet have the choice of shallow water for feeding purposes. One of my favorite areas for September/October crappies is Sullivan Bay and the mouth of the Ash River on Lake Kabetogama. The crappies have started and they are big. We got some last week that went over 15”. The recent cool weather seems to have turned them on early.

Read more »

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Lost Bay Crappie

Right now the crappie are scattered out all over Lost Bay.  What we found is that were stacked on the sharp drop offs.  We found an occasional fish in the deeper water but caught most of our fish in 15-20 feet of water using white jigs and crappie minnows.  Best fishing was from about an hour before sunset to an hour after sunset.  Park service should be stacking trails and grooming trails pretty soon.  I'd follow tracks if going by snowmobile as there is still some spots that aren't real good ice.  We found anywhere from 6 - 10 inches of ice.


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Area Game Warden Reports For 2015


11/3/2015  CO Darrin Kittelson (International Falls) prepared for the upcoming deer season, checked small game hunters, anglers, trappers and whitefish netters. Anglers report slow fishing on the river, but the fish are still biting on the lake. Calls about a roadkill wolf and a dead snowy owl were handled. CO Kittelson and a COC also investigated possible public water violations.

CO Jimmy Van Asch (Ray) spent time monitoring big game, small game, angling, trapping, and ATV activities in the surrounding areas. Many individuals are gearing up for the upcoming firearms deer season with final preparations being completed. CO Van Asch attended a shining detail with several other neighboring officers. Work was also done on open investigations and equipment maintenance. Questions regarding deer hunting and trapping were also fielded from the public.

CO Troy Fondie (Orr) reports monitoring hunting activities, returning phone calls, and issuing permits for the upcoming deer season.

CO Marc Hopkins (Tower) spent much of the week in preparation for upcoming firearms deer opener. Officer conducted investigations into illegally shot deer, a chasing waterfowl complaint, and shining. The officer also looked into an entire wetland that has been drained. Some time was spent checking anglers, and a number of whitefish anglers were out. The fall walleye bite has started, and limits were seen coming off Lake Vermilion.

District 5 - Eveleth area

Last updated: 2015-04-21

CO Jim Van Asch (International Falls) reports another busy week involving wildfire and ATV trail activity throughout the surrounding areas. CO Van Asch assisted CO Kittelson and DNR Forestry personnel on wildfires in International Falls and Littlefork. The officer gave a laws and ethics presentation to a firearms safety class held in Littlefork. Time was also spent investigating a wolf depredation complaint and attending the Kabetogama Lake Association meeting. Enforcement action included ATV passenger under 18 without a helmet, operating an ATV on a state highway, allowing a smoldering fire, burn prohibited materials, and burn during a burning ban.

CO Troy Fondie (Orr) reports monitoring area forest roads and trails, fire activity was monitored, and public access sites checked. Seasonal equipment transition has started. Spare time was spent dealing the new computer records management. Read more »

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