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Cold and Snow

Posted by on August 7, 2017

We had a temp of -22 last night and NOAA site says -24 tonight, great for making ice. Ice fishing is just beginning, and I’ll be out this morning around Bittersweet, Three Sisters and Pine Island. These have always been great early season walleye and sauger hotspots. Crappie can sometimes be good at Bittersweet right now. I have a new Otter Outdoors Pro XT1200 Cabin Ice Shelter that I can tow behind the Ranger or, when the snow gets deeper, the Ski-Doo Cross Country snow machine. I’ll post some pictures of todays catch later this evening.


2 Responses to Cold and Snow

  1. Henrique

    Lukas H,Sounds like a good fishing spot to me! Let me start off by sniyag there is no lure that will constantly catch catfish. It’s just impossible. Catfish feed off of smell, not sight. But for the walleye and bass, you can both catch them on Rapala Shad Rap’s. These are crank baits. They are available practically everywhere, and cost around $5-$7. Go for the natural shad patterns with a flicker of chartreuse. My equipment with the Shad Rap would be a spinning reel, filled with 10 lb. mono, and a 6 1/2 ft. medium action rod.Now on to the bottom feeding catfish. There is a ton of baits to catch catfish, but the best would either be live night crawler or chicken liver. If you’re using night crawler a bait holder hook will do fine. For chicken liver you need a treble hook. For my set-up, i would be using a spinning reel filled with 14 lb. mono, with a 6 medium heavy action rod. You will catch a ton of catfish with chicken liver or night crawler!!!


    I can already tell that’s gonna be super helpful.

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