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DNR Lake Kabetogama Info Including Test Netting Data

Posted by on August 30, 2017


DNR Lake Kabetogama Info Including Test Netting Data

Spring came early in 2010 and while it was not a particularly warm summer it did provide an extended growing season and an early start for many of Lake Kabetogama's fish species. Record early ice outs in the area and only one cold snap during the month of May allowed Kabetogama's black crappie and smallmouth bass to spawn successfully. Low water levels in early spring deprived northern pike and
perhaps perch of the vegetation preferred for spawning which may have delayed or reduced the success of those species spawning efforts. Strong year-classes of walleye are not occurring as frequently as they once were. While at this time we are unsure of the cause, high juvenile mortality appears to be affecting walleye recruitment and therefore production of strong year-classes.
This high juvenile mortality has dropped considerably in the last two years, but the effects of that decrease may take several years to become apparent in the walleye community of Lake  Kabetogama. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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