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Ice Fishing Lake Kabetogama

Posted by on August 7, 2017

For a successful ice fishing trip, an ice fisherman needs the location of a good lake for ice fishing. Usually a lake that produces lots of fish in the summer fishing season will also produce numerous fish in the winter.  Lake Kabetogama is a lake that fits the bill.

Many factors in a lake in winter affect fish life, changing their reactions, their feeding habits, and even their survival rate. For instance a heavy layer of snow over the ice will cut down on the amount of light that filters into the water, reducing weed growth and oxygen production. This will result in the fish becoming lethargic, interested in only conserving their energy to survive rather than wasting energy to feed and move around.
When fishing Lake Kabetogama in the winter, try some of your favorite summer spots.  Center reef can be outstanding in the winter, as is the mouth of the Ash River.  For the crappie fisherman try  running up into Lost Bay.  This last winter the crappie fishing was phenomenal with a bunch of big fish being taken.  The area around Eks Bay off of Lost Bay was hot.

A good locator is important.  I like using the Vexilar FL-8E or at times my Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Portable Fishfinder.  Using an underwater camera can be helpful also.  I use the Aqua Vu with the Perch camera.

Lake Kabetogama has an ice road from Lake Kabetogama Visitor Center to the Ash River Visitor Center, which allows you the opportunity to drive your vehicle out to a fishing spot.  In years past you needed a snowmobile to fish Kabetogama.

Lake Kabetogama can get very cold in January.  Last winter we had temps as low as -40 degrees so dressing right is important. Using one of the new Eskimo or Clam pop-up shelters makes it a lot more comfortable on the ice.  [phpbay keywords=”ice shelter” num=”60″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”columns” columns=”2″ itemsperpage=”4″ paging=”true”]

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