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Ice-Out Dates For Lake Kabetogama

Here are some ice-out dates for Lake Kabetogama:
Average Ice-Out is-April 28
Kabetogama Lake Ice out
1952 April 28,    1953 April 30,      1954 May 4,             1955 April 20
1956 May 9,          1957 May 2,           1958 April 17,         1959 April 30
1960 May 10,       1961 May 6,            1962 May 4,             1963 April 28
1964 May 3,          1965 May 5,          1966 May 14,            1967 April 25
1968 April 29,    1969 April 25,      1970 May 6,             1971 April 30
1972 May 12,        1973 April 21,       1974 May 9,             1975 May 8
1976 April 18,     1977 May 1,             1978 May 5,            1979 May 10
1980 April 28,   1981 April 18,       1982 May 5,            1983 April 26
1984 April 24,    1985 April 28,      1986 April 18,       1987 April 17
1988 May 2,        1989 May 6,            1990 April 26,       1991 April 25
1992 May 5,        1993 April 29,        1994 April 25,       1995 April 27
1996 May 18,     1997 April 29,         1998 April 13,       1999 April 30
2000 April 20,   2001 May 1,           2002 April 30,      2003 May 1
2004 April 28,   2005 April 20,     2006 April 16,       2007 April 30
2008 May 9,       2009 April 29,       2010 April 4,         2011 April 30
*2012 March 31
2013 May 14

2014  May 13

2015 April 15- Back to normal!

2016 April 12      2017  April 21

*Earliest ice-out dates for Kabetogama.

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May 13 and no change.  Ice looks white and solid.  A few people were fishing at Woodenfrog in the little open water their is.  We are a good 5-10 days from ice out I think.  More proof of global warming:)


5/11/2013-- Fishing opener and it's cold,windy and the lake is froze over.  I drove over to Woodenfrog and walked out to the point and found some open water that was fish-able but with the wind blowing it's too damn cold for me.  The fish will wait!



5/6/2013-  The Ash River is open and dumping lots of water into Kab.  Looking from the visitor center boat landing, the main lake is really black ice, a good thing.  At the Woodenfrog landing the ice still looks white and thick.  Tom Cod Creek is dumping lots of water into the lake from that end, so maybe we'll be open by the 15th or 16th!  LET THE SUN SHINE!!!!


One week until opener and we still have 24-30" of ice. I haven't even bother getting the boat out of the shed. Her are a couple of pictures taken Sunday afternoon.
May 5, 2013
May 5, 2013
As of April 23, 2013 we are still in the deep freeze. I think this may be the start of the next ice age. I fired up the ice auger and drilled a couple of holes to see what the ice depth is and can say, where I was, there is still a good 38-40" of solid ice. I have family coming up the first week of June from Texas, I hope we won't be ice fishing!

Ice-out 2013 may be another record, except this is looking like it might be the latest ever. How about a contest! Guess the correct day for ice out and we'll give the winner a Lake Kabetogama cap. Just leave a date in the comment section below. Don't forget an email address for the winner. Tie goes to the first person who picks that date, one guess per customer!  No guess's after May 7.
The definition of lake ice-out varies from lake to lake, and individual to individual. For some, ice-out occurs only when the lake is completely free of ice. For others, ice-out is defined as the moment when navigation is possible from point A to point B. And yet for others, ice-out is when 90 percent of the lake is ice free.

Here are some ice-out dates for Lake Kabetogama:
Average Ice-Out is-April 28
Earliest Ice-Out was- April 3, 2010
Latest Ice-Out was- May 18, 1996
Last year's Ice-Out was- April 18
2012 Ice-Out was- April 1, a new record!
The National Park Service says March 29 was ice out by their definition, which is can they travel by boat from the west end to the east end in the channel. You maybe could have on March 29, but a day later a huge ice floe blocked portions near the Grassy Island group and filled the bay by Woodenfrog landing. Even now, April 5, I can see lots of big ice floes near the channel off the Woodenfrog point. Keep your eyes open if you take a boat out over the Easter weekend.

20 Responses to Ice-Out Dates For Lake Kabetogama

  1. Tom Shober

    I predict ice out to be May 15, 2013.

    • Roger M Engebreth

      My prediction;
      Ice out on May 16th, 2013

    • admin

      You are looking good from my dock! Sun and then some wind and we may be fishing.

  2. John JRE

    I am predicting May 17th, but it’s wishful thinking as I’ll be up on May 18th..
    Please Lord…let there be an ice out…

  3. Sara

    May 19- New record!

  4. Don Miller

    May 17 is my bet. the day before we are supposed to come up for a week!

  5. Jim Drabek

    Ice out May 12th, 2013

    • admin

      Maybe if we get 90 degree plus temps for the next week:)

  6. Jim Drabek

    I plan on fishing May17th

    • admin

      Good luck with that, unless you’re ice fishing. I plan on using the ice auger.

  7. Chris McLinn

    Ice out May 18, 2013–I hope that I am wrong!

    • admin

      Weather looks cold through the weekend, I think May 21-23 at the earliest.


    ice may 20th 2013. i was there in 1996 when the ice out was late on may 18

  9. Patrick Repp

    I’m going to go with May 14, 2013. I’d be happy if it were at least by May 17, since we’ll be at Driftwood Lodge for the week of May 18-25. Fishing’s going to be a challenge any way we look at it.

    • admin

      Fish shallow, Peterson Bay or Tom Cod. It will be close to ice-out.

  10. Kabby

    My prediction is ice out on May 20th. And to the author of this page.. It’s not global warming nor should it be joked about, it’s called global climate change! But thanks for keeping us posted about the ice situation.


    • admin

      You obviously subscribe to the Algore BS Super Duper Global Warming/Let’s Call It Climate Change Now News Letter! I don’t, so I didn’t get the notice of the change in the liberal talking points. I wonder if the climate of 10000 years ago, when this area was under a mile of glacier ice would be considered “Normal Climate” by Algore and his Sheeple like you?
      Q: What happened after President Obuma said “global warming is happening much quicker than he thought”? A: His advisers pulled him aside and explained it was springtime!

  11. larry cole

    June charter fish trips lodges prices etc.