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Crappie Fishing Strategies For Kabetogama and Namakan

Posted by on August 7, 2017



Crappies are one of the most sought after species of fish in Minnesota. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is because they are always so eager to take the bait and then they put up a nice struggle for their size. This makes fishing for them fun, entertaining and perfect for anglers of all ages and skill levels. The other reason they are so popular is because the sweet-tasting fillets of the crappie are simply delicious.

The state record for the black crappie in Minnesota weighed five pounds and the white crappie
was a little less than four pounds. These catches were very impressive for this species of fish because crappies normally don't grow much larger than two or three pounds. A little less than two pounds is the average weight for a crappie.


It is easier to catch a crappie than it is many of the other species of fish. However, you will find that there are a few strategies available that can help you catch even more crappie when fishing in Minnesota.

Strategies for Finding Minnesota Hot Spots

One of the most important things to remember is that any "hot spot" can and will change with time. Therefore, if you have a favorite spot where you have always had lots of luck reeling in the crappie, don't be surprised if one day it stops being productive. This is simply the natural order of things. When the crappies are no longer biting it's time to move on to a new spot. There are several sources available that will help you locate new crappie fishing spots in Minnesota.

To learn where the hot spots are located you can pick up a survey of different lakes and take a look at the population level of the crappie in each lake and their size. Crappies live an average of ten to fourteen years. Therefore, when you find a body of water with large crappie in it, this is where you need to be going fishing now. Within a year or so all the larger crappie will have been caught or they will have died out. Bodies of water where the population of crappies is small will be a great place to visit in a couple years when they have time to mature.

As a general rule lakes and rivers that have a restricted limit on the size and number of crappie you can catch per visit will have many hot spots. This is because the limit gives the crappie time to grow and prevents anglers from wiping them out in one season.

Here are some of the lakes located in Minnesota where you will find many great crappie hot spots.

Lake of the Woods
Leech Lake
Lake Traverse
Lake Superior
Lake Minnetonka
Lake Waconia
Upper and Lower Red Lake(You'd better be a tribe member if you are on Lower Red)
Lake Mille Lacs
Kabetogama Lake
Rainy Lake



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