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Only In Minnesota


New charges likely after boy hit by snowmobile dies

A child hit by a snowmobiler last weekend has died of his injuries, and increased charges against the repeat drunk driver operating the machine are now likely.
The driver of the snowmobile, 45-year-old Eric Coleman, was brought to the hospital with a broken arm and other injuries after the crash. He's currently held on criminal vehicular operation and DWI charges, but those could be stepped up to a minimum of criminal vehicular homicide. Prosecutors say Coleman has three previous alcohol-related license revocations, including one related to a crash he was involved in on November 2, 2017. After that incident Coleman's blood alcohol concentration was measured at .30, nearly four times the legal limit.

17 people shot, two fatally, in Minneapolis and St. Paul since last week

Tally includes two killings in St. Paul; two arrested so far. 

More than 100 Minnesota drivers have at least 10 DWI convictions

Minnesotans share the road with more than 100 licensed drivers who have at least 10 DWIs on their records, and a handful of motorists with nearly 20 drunken driving convictions.

Almost 1,500 drivers have six or more DWI convictions, according to data from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

The arrest last week of a Bloomington man with at least 13 DWI convictions highlighted the challenge for law enforcement officers as they try to police repeat drunken driving offenders. While some question whether the state’s drunken driving laws are strict enough, others warn that a more heavy-handed approach could hurt those who are trying to turn their lives around.