Ice Fishing Lake Kabetogama

For a successful ice fishing trip, an ice fisherman needs the location of a good lake for ice fishing. Usually a lake that produces lots of fish in the summer fishing season will also produce numerous fish in the winter.  Lake Kabetogama is a lake that fits the bill.

Many factors in a lake in winter affect fish life, changing their reactions, their feeding habits, and even their survival rate. For instance a heavy layer of snow over the ice will cut down on the amount of light that filters into the water, reducing weed growth and oxygen production. This will result in the fish becoming lethargic, interested in only conserving their energy to survive rather than wasting energy to feed and move around.
When fishing Lake Kabetogama in the winter, try some of your favorite summer spots.  Center reef can be outstanding in the winter, as is the mouth of the Ash River.  For the crappie fisherman try  running up into Lost Bay (more…)

Christmas Break Fishing Trip

I finally get some extended time off to do some ice fishing on Kab and Rainy. I got the oil changed on the Ski Doo, have the Frabill shelter ready to go so all I need are hungry fish. I hope you got a chance to watch the MidWest Outdoors video on catching crappies on Kabetogama, they do a good job with there shows. Greg Jones has been up a few times over the past couple of years filming various segments for the show. I ran into him during fishing opener weekend, again during the summer and saw he was back this past fall. If crappie are what you want I’d try some of the small bays (email me and I’ll tell you which bay the MidWest Outdoors boys were fishing in) in 15-20 feet of water. We got some walleye on the mid-lake reefs a couple of weeks ago in about the same depth. 1/8th ounce jigs and smallish minnows worked best, although my buddy was using a jigging Rap with a minnow head on each hook and was killing the walleyes. We’ll be using Josh’s new Frabill R2-Tec ice shelter so if you see us stop by and say hello.

Lake Kabetogama Ice Road

The Park Service will have the ice road from Lake Kabetogama Visitor Center to the Ash River Visitor Center again this winter, approximately 9 miles. This has really opened up some new areas for ice fishing. We fished around Chase Island one day last winter and had great walleye action. The Ash River opening has been great in the past for walleye and crappie;try from 40-42′ of water. I noticed a couple of permanent houses up their last year. The east end of Cuculus Island and south of Headlight have also been pretty good in previous winters.


Flooding Continues!

Record high water levels continue on Lake Kabetogama.  Docks, other than the floaters, are under water with water levels still rising.  Nearly everyone on the lake has suffered some damage, especially after a couple of hard winds on top of the high water.  There  is a lot of debris in the water, docks, old boats, bodies of tourists who didn’t slow down, etc. so be careful.  If you are on the water in a boat, PLEASE SLOW DOWN when within 300 yards of any docks!  I watched numerous assholes yesterday come into shore at pretty fast speeds, throwing up way more wake than necessary.  The docks have been beat up enough, don’t add to the problem.  I have a stockpile of rocks for just those people!  Rumor has it that some resorts are closed until the water recedes.  Call before coming.

Fishing Kab

She is watching her dock with bow in hand!


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This is another video of “Famous Amis” the black bear who fell asleep in my hammock.