New Owners at the Gateway Store

New owners are Jason and Robyn from Park Point Resort

Gateway General Store

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Cold and Snow

We had a temp of -22 last night and NOAA site says -24 tonight, great for making ice. Ice fishing is just beginning, and I’ll be out this morning around Bittersweet, Three Sisters and Pine Island. These have always been great early season walleye and sauger hotspots. Crappie can sometimes be good at Bittersweet right now. I have a new Otter Outdoors Pro XT1200 Cabin Ice Shelter that I can tow behind the Ranger or, when the snow gets deeper, the Ski-Doo Cross Country snow machine. I’ll post some pictures of todays catch later this evening.


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June Crappie’s

We were able to find some crappie yesterday, June 7th between the storms and wind.  We ducked in behind Cutover to get out of the wind and anchored just off Nagurski Point in the Rock Garden area.  We were fishing in about 20-25 with slip bobbers waiting for the weather to calm down and started catching crappies on a jig and fathead.  Another spot that has started is along the SW side of Bittersweet Island right at dark.  Try an Uncle Buck Crappie Killer and bobber right in close by the weeds.  Some nights are really good, with some occasional 14-15″ fish.  Bittersweet is real close to Woodfrog campground.


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Christmas Break Fishing Trip

I finally get some extended time off to do some ice fishing on Kab and Rainy. I got the oil changed on the Ski Doo, have the Frabill shelter ready to go so all I need are hungry fish. I hope you got a chance to watch the MidWest Outdoors video on catching crappies on Kabetogama, they do a good job with there shows. Greg Jones has been up a few times over the past couple of years filming various segments for the show. I ran into him during fishing opener weekend, again during the summer and saw he was back this past fall. If crappie are what you want I’d try some of the small bays (email me and I’ll tell you which bay the MidWest Outdoors boys were fishing in) in 15-20 feet of water. We got some walleye on the mid-lake reefs a couple of weeks ago in about the same depth. 1/8th ounce jigs and smallish minnows worked best, although my buddy was using a jigging Rap with a minnow head on each hook and was killing the walleyes. We’ll be using Josh’s new Frabill R2-Tec ice shelter so if you see us stop by and say hello.

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Flooding Continues!

Record high water levels continue on Lake Kabetogama.  Docks, other than the floaters, are under water with water levels still rising.  Nearly everyone on the lake has suffered some damage, especially after a couple of hard winds on top of the high water.  There  is a lot of debris in the water, docks, old boats, bodies of tourists who didn’t slow down, etc. so be careful.  If you are on the water in a boat, PLEASE SLOW DOWN when within 300 yards of any docks!  I watched numerous assholes yesterday come into shore at pretty fast speeds, throwing up way more wake than necessary.  The docks have been beat up enough, don’t add to the problem.  I have a stockpile of rocks for just those people!  Rumor has it that some resorts are closed until the water recedes.  Call before coming.

Fishing Kab

She is watching her dock with bow in hand!


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Some Tips Catching Smallmouth Bass with Flies

One of my favorite things in the world is bass fly fishing. There’s nothing quite like watching a bass attack a fly floating on the water at close range. Not to mention the thrill of watching a smallmouth bass do its tail dance across the surface as it tries to throw your hook, and the strength and fight in those smallies.

That’s why bass fly fishing, especially for smallmouths, is one of the greater, more fun challenges to freshwater anglers. But battling the pound-for-pound fighting champ isn’t easy. Before you get to battle the champion bass, you’ve got to get him on your hook.

Here are some tips on locating smallmouth bass:

•    Smallies have a different idea of ‘cover’. Unlike their bigmouth brothers, who never met a weed patch, dock or tree trunk they didn’t like,  smallmouth bass typically avoid such object. Instead, smallies look steep drop-offs where they can run to deep water ‘cover’.

•    Based on the above, try and locate smallmouths at rocky ledges and steep inclines that get deep quickly.

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Vince Barry
About the Author:

The author is an avid bass fisherman with over 30 years of experience, and a guest contributor at bass fishing fly, and many other bass fishing resources.

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Build Your Own Cabin or Deer Shack………..

“Would You Like Bunkhouse Plans to Build a Bunk House or Small Cabin?”


Download the plans immediately for around $1 per plan with this special offer.


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Kabetogama Snowmobiling

Lake Kabetogama is the “Gateway to scenic Voyageurs National Park”. Hundreds of miles of groomed marked trails through pine-filled northwoods forests and snow-covered lakes of Minnesota await you for a snowmobiling experience unequaled anywhere.Trails within the Park create a large loop that encompasses Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan, Sand Point and Crane lakes. There are short portages between lakes, but it’s primarily lake top riding in the 110 mile network.A ride on the Chain of Lakes on the Kabetogama Peninsula is a MUST! This 13 mile trail winds naturally through the heart of Voyageurs and is barely wide enough for a snowmobile but will transport you back to the early days of the sport. The park isn’t the only area with exciting trails to ride, trails outside the park also provide their own scenic beauty and opportunities.The Arrowhead Trail is another must-experience trail, which stretches 75 miles from the town of Cook to south of International Falls. Riders can experience it all on this stretch. From International Falls, it starts with a six-mile jaunt of the flat, straight Blue Ox Trail. Halfway to Littlefork, the Arrowhead ventures eastward toward Kabetogama, and after fording a few streams, it dives south into the rolling, winding woodlands. The hills increase in size, and then slowly decrease into a flatter, lake-dotted terrain as one gets closer to Cook.  While exciting trails run throughout Voyageur country, the best part is the absolute quietness that one finds while stopped in the middle of one of the frozen lakes. It’s a place to take in the solitude and splendor of winter and the sheer beauty of an area where there are truly no roads. This is also a great place for those hardy enough to try winter camping, and campsites dot the shorelines and islands.

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Area Game Warden Reports For 2015


11/3/2015  CO Darrin Kittelson (International Falls) prepared for the upcoming deer season, checked small game hunters, anglers, trappers and whitefish netters. Anglers report slow fishing on the river, but the fish are still biting on the lake. Calls about a roadkill wolf and a dead snowy owl were handled. CO Kittelson and a COC also investigated possible public water violations.

CO Jimmy Van Asch (Ray) spent time monitoring big game, small game, angling, trapping, and ATV activities in the surrounding areas. Many individuals are gearing up for the upcoming firearms deer season with final preparations being completed. CO Van Asch attended a shining detail with several other neighboring officers. Work was also done on open investigations and equipment maintenance. Questions regarding deer hunting and trapping were also fielded from the public.

CO Troy Fondie (Orr) reports monitoring hunting activities, returning phone calls, and issuing permits for the upcoming deer season.

CO Marc Hopkins (Tower) spent much of the week in preparation for upcoming firearms deer opener. Officer conducted investigations into illegally shot deer, a chasing waterfowl complaint, and shining. The officer also looked into an entire wetland that has been drained. Some time was spent checking anglers, and a number of whitefish anglers were out. The fall walleye bite has started, and limits were seen coming off Lake Vermilion.

District 5 – Eveleth area

Last updated: 2015-04-21

CO Jim Van Asch (International Falls) reports another busy week involving wildfire and ATV trail activity throughout the surrounding areas. CO Van Asch assisted CO Kittelson and DNR Forestry personnel on wildfires in International Falls and Littlefork. The officer gave a laws and ethics presentation to a firearms safety class held in Littlefork. Time was also spent investigating a wolf depredation complaint and attending the Kabetogama Lake Association meeting. Enforcement action included ATV passenger under 18 without a helmet, operating an ATV on a state highway, allowing a smoldering fire, burn prohibited materials, and burn during a burning ban.

CO Troy Fondie (Orr) reports monitoring area forest roads and trails, fire activity was monitored, and public access sites checked. Seasonal equipment transition has started. Spare time was spent dealing the new computer records management. Read more »

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Artists can submit designs for waterfowl stamp

Wildlife artists can submit entries for the 2018 Minnesota Migratory Waterfowl Stamp contest from Monday, Aug. 21, through 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 1. 

The waterfowl stamp validation for hunting is $7.50 and for an extra 75 cents purchasers can receive the pictorial stamp. It also is sold as a collectible. Revenue from stamp sales is dedicated to waterfowl management and habitat work.

The white-winged scoter is the only eligible species for depiction on the 2018 waterfowl stamp.

Artists are prohibited from using any photographic product as part of their finished entries. Winning artists usually issue limited edition prints of the artwork and retain proceeds. Judging will take place Thursday, Sept. 7, at DNR headquarters in St. Paul.

To see more information on stamp contests, guidelines for submitting work, and to sign up to receive regular email updates on the stamp contests, visit the stamps page. Contest guidelines are also available from the DNR Information Center by calling 651-296-6157 or 888-646-6367.

Source: Mn DNR

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