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Some Tips Catching Smallmouth Bass with Flies

Posted by on August 7, 2017

One of my favorite things in the world is bass fly fishing. There’s nothing quite like watching a bass attack a fly floating on the water at close range. Not to mention the thrill of watching a smallmouth bass do its tail dance across the surface as it tries to throw your hook, and the strength and fight in those smallies.

That’s why bass fly fishing, especially for smallmouths, is one of the greater, more fun challenges to freshwater anglers. But battling the pound-for-pound fighting champ isn’t easy. Before you get to battle the champion bass, you’ve got to get him on your hook.

Here are some tips on locating smallmouth bass:

•    Smallies have a different idea of ‘cover’. Unlike their bigmouth brothers, who never met a weed patch, dock or tree trunk they didn’t like,  smallmouth bass typically avoid such object. Instead, smallies look steep drop-offs where they can run to deep water ‘cover’.

•    Based on the above, try and locate smallmouths at rocky ledges and steep inclines that get deep quickly.

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Vince Barry
About the Author:

The author is an avid bass fisherman with over 30 years of experience, and a guest contributor at bass fishing fly, and many other bass fishing resources.

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  1. Milan

    ive been using senkos, and m duirous about using the tube, i wanna ask you to see if i should try one here in florida, i really need and answer because i rarely get to go bass fishing and i dont wanna go out and wast time when i could be catching, please answer!!! thanks

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